70 Percent of California Swimming Pool Drowning under 5 years old this summer.


70 Percent of California Swimming Pool Drowning under 5 years old this summer.

70 Percent of California Swimming Pool Drowning are under 5 Years Old

During this summer, a minimum of 163 kids under 15 have died in swimming pools. Between Memorial Day through Labor Day, Of the 163 reports, 112 of the victims were children younger than age five. That’s nearly 70 percent according to the USA Swimming Foundation, a Pool Safely campaign partner. It can be assumed that from the national average, 70 Percent of California Swimming Pool Drowning are also under 5 Years Old

California was the second leading state with 14 death and Florida lead with 25. Despite the alarming number, it was a decrease from the same time frame in 2016, 205 children younger than age 15 drowned in swimming pools or spas, according to media reports. Of the 205 reports, 140 of the victims were under 5.

In the state of California Swimming Pool Drowning under 5 are preventable

The difference between drownings and near drownings is CPR. In a period of less than 24 hours, six children ages 1-4 all had near drowning in Orange County. In 5 of the 6 cases CPR played a vital role. While in Murrieta last year a 13 year drown while swimming with 100 of his band mates and under Lifeguard watch. In his case no CPR was given for 9 mins until Murrieta Fire department arrived. From the beaches of the coast to the water ways of the Sacramento delta, it’s the swimming pools in every neighborhood that present one of the great drowning dangers for kids. California Swimming Pool Drowning under 5 can be prevented.

swimming Pool Drowning

Keep kids under 5 safe from swimming Pool Drowning

Get the Pool Protected by understanding layers of protection.

Layering is the concept of not relaying on just one safety device. These measures are meant to keep your toddler out of the pool. The best way to start protecting them is to keep them away from the pool danger, however it’s also important to learn to swim. Learning CPR and keeping your CPR training fresh is also responsible.


  • Approved Fencing with self-latching and self-locking gates – Mesh removable pool fences are excellent because fences can keep out young children from your swimming pool area
  • Pool Alarms can alert you to unauthorized entry into the swimming pool or surrounding pool area.  Water alarms can also provide some pool warning.
  • Mesh and Solid approved safety covers –great for preventing entry into the swimming pool water when it is not being used for long periods of time (such as in the winter months)
  • Pool Safety Nets are great for safety while still able to enjoy the view of your pool.

Ways to keep California Swimming Pool Drowning under 5 preventable.

California Swimming Pool Drowning under 5

California Swimming Pool Drowning under 5

Swimming Safety

  • Rope and Float Line

    Placed across the pool, the rope and float line alerts swimmers to the separation between the deep and shallow ends of the pool as well as  provide a line to grab for a struggling swimmer.

  • Toys, and Water Floats

    Never leave loose pool toy and floats in or around the pool. Put them away for security and safety. Also remember that when left in the pool they can cover up a struggling swimmer because toys are a attractive lure kids to reach into the pool.

  • Life Ring, Shepherd’s Crook (Hook)

    These devices are used to pull someone from the pool to safety and are seen at public pools. All rescue equipment should be placed near the pool in a clearly marked and readily accessible spot.

  • First Aid Kit

    A first aid kit should be kept in a safe and convenient location.

  • Emergency Information

    Post CPR, emergency (911 or other) contact information, and warning signs in a clearly visible spot near the pool. You and your family may even perform routine safety drills to remind everyone what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency. Make sure the fence isn’t to close to the water line and that there is room to conduct CPR

  • Telephone

    A  phone at poolside lets you call for help or information quickly, without leaving the pool area.

  • Sunscreen

    Even on cooler, cloudy days, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can burn and damage skin cells.

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