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La Verne Pool Fence


California is a huge state, so it’s great to see local support for Pool safety. In Southern California the city of La Verne has support for pool safety measures, ranging from pool barriers (Mesh Pool Fence, Fencing, Pool Safety Nets and Pool Covers) to first aid to safety tips. Thank you to the city of La Verne fire department for local swimming pool safety tips.

The La Verne fire department knows that the most important in pool safety. Supervision is the Key to Prevent Drowning!

“Swimming Pool water can be dangerous and adult supervision of young children around water at is needed all times. Although”, pool barriers such as Removable Pool Fence, Pool Safety nets and Pool Covers, to prevent drowning, Nothing is better than supervision.


You know that you need to keep your children safe from the pool. Maybe a pool fence is best, or have you thought about a swimming pool safety net or cover? Use this checklist at your home to decide how to best protect a child from the swimming pool. After you have completed it call Inland Empire Pool Fence for Pool Guard Products that can protect a child from a swimming drowning.  909 800 6412

Check list

Safest Pool Fence has a Self closing gate

Safest La Verne Pool Fence is the one with the great gate


  • Fence enclosures pool, All doors and openings closed off from the pool?
  • Fence is at least 5 feet high for the perimeter property and for Iron fencing for the pool?
  • Removable Mesh pool fence is at least 4 foot tall to protect the pool?
  • Fence with vertical (up and down) bars, less than 4 inches apart?
  • Gate self-closing, self-latching, and with latch at the top of the fence?

Furniture and Supplies

  • Tables, chairs, and other things a child can climb on are away from fence. Y/N
  • Toys away from pool area. Y/N
  • Rescue equipment near pool (safety ring, long pole). Y/N
  • Phone near the pool area and 911 numbers posted. Y/N
  • Chemicals and equipment are locked up. Y/N
  • Windows and doors leading to pool locked, including pet doors. Y/N
  • Trees, bushes or things that might block the view of pool removed. Y/N




Once you go through the list, if you recognize the need to protect your swimming pool, then Contact inland empire Pool Fence for help. Not only can they provide you with a great mesh pool fence in either 4 foot or 5 foot heights, they can offer so much more. Pool Safety nets that cover the pool can be the right swimming pool safety device to protect your child and your view. Save kids and time cleaning with a swimming pool safety cover. No matter which option you choose please choose to protect your child from the swimming pool.



Safest Pool fence has a Pool Gate

Simple safety by Pool Guard in La Verne

Tips on pool safety with Supervision,

  • Never leave children alone around water! When children go under water, they cannot call for help.
  • Don’t be distracted by phone calls, doorbells or chores while children are in the pool area. Be alert! No napping!
  • Don’t rely on “floaties.”
  • Don’t prop gates open. Check latches regularly. Make sure pool fence gates are self closing.
  • Pet doors leading to pool are dangerous.
  • Take a CPR class.
  • Keep life-saving equipment mounted near the pool.
  • Designate a water watcher for supervision of children around the pool.
  • Alert your babysitter, grandparents and friends to safety rules and be sure that they know CPR.

If an Accident Happens, Act Immediately!

  • Yell for help. Carefully lift your child out of the pool.
  • Start CPR if you are trained, and have someone call 911.


These Swimming Pool Safety tips were gathered from the local fire department in La Verne, and Pool Guard is thankful for the local support to protect and save kids from the pool.

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